Home Theater Design
Allow us to evaluate your theater and HDTV needs.  Don't leave this important
and high dollar investment up to your homebuilder or construction contractor!  We
don't attempt to be homebuilders, framing or finish carpenters.  They are great in
their areas of expertise, and we in ours.   
Need we say anymore!  Our designs
are balanced for proper performance in both audio and video .  You can just slap
a room together, and it may even look good from an aesthetics stand point.  
Many of the theaters and rooms just sound poor compared to how they could
have performed with proper design knowledge & experience.  Our offerings
provide very simple solutions to very elaborate full blown home theaters.  Many
are fitted with twinkle star ceilings, popcorn maker, theater memorabilia,  and the
ticket box (home owner to provide the gal or guy to take the tickets).  We will
design everything from the general appearance, electronic equipment, lighting,
control, seating, motorized drapes, and acoustic sound dampening.  After design
approval, we expertly construct and fit this room with all details needed.  With a
few easy pointers, on operation, you are now ready for "Movie Night" at home!
"Now that's what I'm talk'n about!"
Experience Full 1080p Video and true 7.1 Surround Sound with several of our
theater projectors and Blu-Ray players.  We also carry the Toshiba HD DVD
player as well, but we believe, like many, that Blu-Ray will win the format battles
and does seem to have more support for movies from the studios!
From Mild to Wild samples of what we can do for your theater
A Smart Home Lighting A/V & Control
Where Beauty, Convenience, and Technology Blend Together
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