Interface Remotes, Blu-Ray DVD, & Movie Media Servers
You are EASILY in Total
All our complete Audio/Video
systems will include a pro custom
programed user interface to make
the complex simple!  Your home
Entertainment system shouldn't be
a chore or unpleasant to operate.  
We make sure your systems is a
delight to operate and one that
allows for custom looks or
programing.  We can control all
features in your system with one
interface and allow for very
complex functions to run
automatically for you with out your
effort.  Don't be confused by off
the shelf "all in one" remotes.  
They lack the power and control
you need for them to be seamless.
Our custom designed and programmed
interfaces are for your system only!  Why
look at buttons or features that either you
don't have or don't use!  

After a hard work day you want to relax
and enjoy a great movie or sporting event.  
You don't want to do battle with your
theater system!  No Sir, not now-not ever
with us as your custom designers/installers.
TV, projector, DVD, cable, satellite,
audio, lighting, or almost whatever can
be at the touch of a button with our
A Smart Home Lighting A/V & Control
Where Beauty, Convenience, and Technology Blend Together
1405 Fuller Road West Des Moines, IA 50265
If you select us, technology is and will be to make your life
easier and more convenient. And with almost no learning curve
for you to boot!
Blu-Ray Players
We had advised all our clients to go with the Blu-Ray vs the HD-DVD Players and
they are glad they did.  We carry the Panasonic,
Denon, & Marantz Blu-Ray players
with Marantz at the top of the line!  
 You must see & hear these to understand
what all the excitement is all about.  You truly won't believe your eyes and ears,
that it looks and sounds this great.   Many models at the box stores are getting
cheaper in price, but also in quality of construction.  Most will not hold up to years
of use that many people expect out of their equipment.  A quality Blu-Ray player
will require an investment of approx. $2
50-$600 for great performance!  We do
have available the more inexpensive brands, like at the box stores, for the same
prices as theirs!
Hi-Def DVD players provide a drop dead gorgeous picture and superb sound
quality.  Also, greatly improved playback of your standard DVD collection as
well.  You must see & hear to appreciate this improvement.
Call for a demo
appointment to enjoy this technology NOW.  No need to wait an longer!
Beautiful video up to 1080p or new 4K UHD lines
of resolution.  Standard DVD 540 lines.  Blacker
blacks and vivid colors abound.
Greatly improved sound
quality with up to true  7.1
surround sound with proper
speaker setup.  Hear it today!
Movie & Media Servers
We offer the Fusion Research Blu-Ray, Movie &
Media Servers for single room or whole house
use.  Simply said you can place your standard or
Blu-Ray movies, family photo's, and your CD
music collection on this one fine machine and
playback or show in any room of your home.  The
ease of use is what catches your attention and
the quality of construction and performance is
the finest in the industry.  Prices are
now down
in the affordable ranged.
Just imagine selecting and
enjoying your music, photo's
and movies with the click of
your remote control using
your TV or projector screen
to select.  This is a must
see beauty!!