Lighting Engineering & Design
First and foremost, we are not a lamp or lighting shop.  
We design and engineer elegant residential lighting for
medium to high end homes.  We have the ability to
wholesale the fixtures to our clients, or to their
homebuilder/electrician.  This allows us to maintain the
quality & integrity of the design, deliver excellent
performance, and save you money all at the same time.  
This, followed with on site inspections, deliver absolute
designed results for your dream home!
Our mission is to create a
design that lights key
feature of your home, e.g.:
artwork, architectural
features, displayed
treasures etc., and have the
lighting as invisible as
possible.  Exceptions are
well placed and selected
fixtures to augment the
features and ambiance of
the room or area.  
In addition, we will create "layers of lighting" that allow you many different looks appropriate for
each  room or area.  When we couple proper design with a lighting control unit, it allows you to
have beauty and convenience all with the press of a button.  When provided with digital drawing of
your home we  provide you with a construction drawing for your homebuilder to use for proper
fixture locations.  Our use of the latest technology, in lighting fixtures and energy savings designs,
maximizes the beauty and cost savings for your home project.  Both remodel and new
construction designing is available!    
A Smart Home Lighting A/V & Control
Where Beauty, Convenience, and Technology Blend Together
1405 Fuller Road  West Des Moines, IA 50265
Partial Lighting Vendor List
We have almost any vendor available.
Juno Lighting                        Elco Lighting                Alfa Lighting                  Cal Lighting
Seagull Lighting                    Alico                             Meyda Tiffany                Kichler
Energy Savings of 25%- 75% can be
realized with our products & design.