HDTV & Video Distribution
HDTV is High Definition TV and allows for unbelievable image
in both 1080p & the new 4K formats.  We also carry  Blu-Ray
HD DVD players
and HD switching Audio/Video Receivers (AVR's).

We offer affordable products for most all budgets!

Here are a few reasons we are your best choice:

  • We listen and help you select what YOU really need, not what we
    just like or are familiar with!

  • We take the time to ask questions and help you select real

  • We have both the consumer products (like big box stores) and
    the Professional products (sold only thru Custom Installers like

  • True custom installation available (standard installation too)

  • Trained experts in every detail with design & installation

  • Training in how to use your new equipment after you purchase.
A Smart Home Lighting A/V & Control
Where Beauty, Convenience, and Technology Blend Together
1405 Fuller Road  West Des Moines, IA 50265
Our promise is:
Big boxes just think they do
HD right.
For the same money, as a TV store or Big Box chain store, we offer true
experts to assist in your TV selection.   Don't you think YOU deserve the
best in advise and service too?