Phone Ahead to Prepare Your Home for Your Arrival

Activate the HVAC system to bring your home to your ideal
temperature. Turn on the lights for cheery homecoming. Activate
the pavement heaters in winter to melt any snow and ice prior to
your arrival.

Pathways of Light:

Turn on a series of lights that create a pathway from one area to
another. Hate walking through dark hallways? Press one button
near your night stand to turn on a pathway of light from the
bedroom through the hallway and down the stairs to the kitchen
for a late night snack. Preset the lights to come on at less bright
levels so as not to shock sleepy eyes.  At night the bathroom
visit automatically brings the necessary lights to a dim level to
avoid the “light shock.”  Controlled by floor triggers the lighting is
on & then automatic off when you return to bed!  Hands free.
● Elegant Control Stations     ● Eliminate Wall Clutter     ● Many Control Station Design Options
        ●On, Off, & Dimming from Every Location     ● Custom Scenes and Ambiances
Automation Systems Astronomical Time Clock Makes Seasonal Adjustments For You:
You may have certain lights in your home that you want to automatically turn on/off at dusk and dawn each day. As the days
grow longer and shorter in the course of a year, you won’t need to constantly be adjusting your system timing.  Astronomical
Time Clock will automatically make the adjustments for you. So, for example, your entry lights will come on at dusk, whether
sunset is at 6 p.m. or 9 p.m. The system will also make adjustments for leap year.

When Life Changes, So Does Your Home:
Incredibly innovative, Automation permits you to change and re-change the lighting control in your home to match new
needs. Add an entertainment mode, enhance the security lighting, redecorate a room or design your own movie viewing
mode.  Our Automation Equipment makes wanted changes without rewiring.  Change a One-Button Station to a Eight-Button
Station:  Since all Control Stations operate off the same wire or radio bus, adding or deleting buttons on the station is as
easy as replacing the Control Station. There is no need to add or delete wire from the current home.

Home Automation Integration
Connect our equipment to other home systems like Audio/Video, security and HVAC systems to put your whole house at your
control at the touch of a button.
Idea: Connect your sprinkler system to Automation Equipment and water your lawn based on time, need and season.  
From a touchscreen, you can easily make changes that make since to you.  No decoding settings!!!

Preset Modes:
Combine custom lighting scenes, motor control and home automation capabilities to preset entire modes to fit your

Idea: As dawn breaks, your exterior lighting automatically shuts off. Your home temperature rises to 72 degrees.
Window treatments gently open to let in the sunrise as soft music starts. The bedroom ambiance lighting slowly rises to
40%. The sconces and downlights come up to 70% to highlight the artwork. The television turns on to “Good Morning
America” as the bathroom and hallways lights turn on. Your pool is already pre-heated for your morning swim, your
towels are warming in the cabana, and you can smell the coffee brewing in the kitchen. What a great beginning to the
day! Idea: Pre-design an arrangement of lights, window treatments and fans to be triggered by pushing only one button.
Home Theaters are perfect for Automation Equipment. Push one button engraved “movie” and watch the overhead
lights dim, the drapes close and the projection screen descend from the ceiling.  Practical and not overly expensive!
Vacation Control
Lights turn on and off just like when you’re home. You can also access your system with any touch tone
phone, or your PDA/Laptop computer, to dial down the heat or close motorized storm shutters. Not sure
if you turned off the Jacuzzi? Phone or Log in to your home and our system will do it for you.

One-Button Master Control
Imagine if you hear a “bump in the night” and could press one button and turn on every single light in
your house instantly or select any floor/area. That’s Home Automation!

Control from many locations:
Extremely versatile, Home Automation allows any and all lights to be turned on or off from any or all
Control Station locations in the home. For example, you can control exterior lighting from the front and
back doors, the master bedroom, the garage, the deck areas, the kitchen or the patio. Idea: Put extra
buttons for control of the children’s rooms near the master bed. A quick push of the button in the master
bedroom will turn on lights, calming a troubled child until you arrive. Idea: Install a Slim-Line Station in
certain types of furniture to keep control close at hand. From your seat in your formal dining room, you
could control lighting, room temperature and ring for staff.
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