Why should I care about
"Custom Calibration"
Custom Calibration
All products will work out of the box.  Custom
Calibration of your Video Display or Audio
Surround system allows for greatly enhanced
Video Displays (Plasma, LCD, & Projectors):

What you don't know is that all video displays come adjusted
from the factories to "wow you" at the large mass merchandise
stores.  We are one of the few in Iowa that are trained, equipped
and certified to "custom calibrate to the MOVIE INDUSTRY specs
for displays.  
Here are a few of the benefits:

  •        Greatly improved picture accuracy in Color &Tint
  •        Longer display life for both LCD's & Plasma's
  •        Less eyestrain w/ improve watch ability!
  •        Less energy consumption (up to 20%)
  •        Looks exactly like the movie editor intended
Surround Sound Systems:

You paid for the surround sound system.  Don't you want it to
really perform?  When Custom Calibrated the system achieved
it full potential.  
Here are a few of the benefits:

  •        Now hear the dialog properly and easily
  •      All the surround "special effects" sound SPECIAL
  •      Subwoofer no longer booms or has no "guts"
  •      Locates and corrects sound problems with the room.  
The Process & How We Calibrate:
We have over $14,000.00 invested into test equipment & training to allow for
this process.  This assures you maximum performance on your investment .  
We setup the calibration test equipment to your video display and complete a
series of tests and adjustments.  
This is not a simple setting of the
brightness, color, and tint controls as some may try to offer!  
We have
been trained to get into the displays factory service settings and correct the
deliberate miss adjustments made to "sell you the set" at the big box store.  
Your system will now be ready to display true to the Movie Studio
Industries video standards.
We will provide you with a print out of the
results before/after calibration for your viewing and records.
You must stop in to our store to see the
difference this makes!
Our audio calibration allows us to check all functions of the speakers,
and audio/video receiver or amp.  We properly calibrate for 5.1, 6.1 or
the new 7.1 Surround sound systems.  When set properly, you now have
full performance for clear dialog and all the surround features that make
the performance come alive and enhance the viewing experience.  
Again, this is now set exactly as the Audio Mixing Editor, at the
Movie Studio, mixed the sound for the performance and had
intended it to sound.
Video Calibration:
Audio Calibration:
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