Just the Right Amount of Light:
Every single button in the system functions as an on/off switch
(press and release) and as a dimmer (press and hold). The
dimmer works on most types of lights including fluorescent and
neon. This degree of lighting control allows you to light every
room EXACTLY the way you’ve always wanted, to really
showcase your home and furnishings at their most beautiful.  
Saves up to 25% on lighting costs too!

Custom Scenes and Ambiances:
Automation controls allow you to change the mood of a room,
or the whole house, by activating a custom scene or ambiance
at the touch of a button. Preset the lights just right for a range of
situations, from a romantic dinner for two to an evening pool
party. Your home never looked better, just the way you want it.
And you can effortlessly achieve these perfect looks and
moods again and again.
Idea: Imagine guests arriving at your home marveling at the delightful
outdoor lighting scenes involving your driveway, home, fountain and
garden lights. Your guests themselves may even activate these scenes via
hidden motion sensors. Idea: Set up an entertainment scene that intensifies
great room lighting, turns down exterior lighting and gracefully brings up
accent lighting on paintings and sculptures. Control systems can also
lockout the lighting control from guest tampering.

Idea: Create a “Nite-Nite” scene for a child’s room.  After a bedtime story,
tuck your child in, press a button, and the room lights slowly begin to fade
as the child drifts off to sleep.
Automatic Lighting:

Always in bed by midnight? Let us
automatically turn off the lights for you, except
stairway lights that can be lowered to 15% for
safety.   Automate control over your exterior
night lighting and functions without having to
remember to manage it!
Motor Control of Window Treatments, Windows,
Skylights and More:

We can also control electric motors throughout the home to
open and close windows, window treatments (drapes, blinds,
shutters), and to raise and lower projection screens. Motor
controls are operated by the standard Control Stations.  Pool
pumps & waterfalls are one button press or automatically.  
Covers and awnings open and close when you needed them
to automatically.  And never leave that garage doors open all
night, or when the heater is on, by accident.
● Elegant Control Stations     ● Eliminate Wall Clutter     ● Many Control Station Design Options
         ●On, Off, & Dimming from Every Location     ● Custom Scenes and Ambiances
A Smart Home Lighting A/V & Control
Where Beauty, Convenience, and Technology Blend Together
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