“Home Automation is the art/science of integrating some, many, or all the features in a home or
office using devices to provide automated operation based on lifestyle or function needs.”

Home Automation & Integration
is the fastest growing area in the Residential Marketplace! It allows for
total control over your home whether you are there or away. You have safe and secure control
remotely for almost any electrical or electronic feature in your home.  When installed, you have total
control of your
lighting, security, heating/cooling, shades/blinds, whole house audio systems &
.  A pool/spa may be easily monitored and you may view interior & exterior security cameras in
your home as well.  Properly designed automation equipment offers strict control over your lighting & utility
costs by managing your homes systems in an efficient manner.  Not to mention the elegance
enhancements it allows.  Remember:
Convenience, Elegance, Security & Safety are the 4 key benefits
for total control.

A Smart Home Lighting, A/V & Control offers the expertise, design, installation, and service to
convert your home for total control. With over 29 years in Lighting Design and Control we are the proven
leader in Central Iowa.  Home systems starting prices are in the $4,000.00 price range.

Our first step is to understand your lifestyle and how you use things around your home environment. We
then custom design your home, fit it with products from the most reliable and cutting edge manufacturers,
and adjust it to meet your exact needs. Both new and existing homes may be fitted with these devices. Call
us today for a demonstration and further understanding of this exciting and usable convenience.  
homes valued over $350,000 it is now becoming an expected feature!!!
What Is Home Automation?
Lighting Control & Beyond
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