About Us
Where Beauty, Convenience, and Technology Blend Together
1405 Fuller Road West Des Moines, IA 50265

A Smart Home has been around, as it's own
company, for 1
2 years now.  After marketing
research revealed that our old name didn't help
people connect with what we did, we changed it to
a more descriptive name.  What didn't change was
our 3
2+ years of providing central Iowa with the
finest in Lighting Design, Lighting Control and
Automation, Whole House Audio, HDTV Video,
Theaters & Home Network technology!  

The size of the project isn't as important
to us as it may be to other technology
companies.  We have worked on home
installations from $1000 to in excess of  
$350,000.00.  New homes and retro-fit
homes.  Our main concern is to provide
you, and your home, with the finest and
easiest performing designs and
equipment at almost every budget.  No,
we don't do a Mercedes projects for the
price of a Volkswagen.  We will offer the
best performance and value for every
dollar you invest, period.